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Files by Google – Junk Files Remover

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“Files by Google” is an Android app developed by Google LLC, designed to manage and organize files, clean up device storage, and facilitate file sharing. Launched in 2017 as “Files Go,” it was rebranded to “Files by Google” in 2018. The app became popular due to its lightweight nature, user-friendly interface, and helpful features that assist users in managing their device’s storage efficiently.

Features and Functions:

File Management:

  • Storage Analysis: The app provides a comprehensive overview of the device’s storage, detailing how much space each type of file occupies.
  • File Browsing: Users can browse through various categories such as Downloads, Images, Videos, Documents, and more to manage files efficiently.
  • File Transfer: It allows users to transfer files offline between devices using Wi-Fi Direct. This feature is helpful for sharing large files without internet connectivity.

File Cleanup:

  • Junk File Cleaner: Files by Google can identify and suggest the removal of temporary, duplicate, and unnecessary files to free up storage space.
  • App Cache Cleaner: It helps in clearing app cache files that may accumulate over time, consuming device storage.

File Organization:

File Categorization: The app automatically categorizes files into various sections, making it easier for users to locate specific types of files.

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File Search: Users can search for files by name or content, streamlining the process of finding specific files.

Security and Privacy:

  • File Encryption: The app offers the ability to encrypt files and protect them with a PIN or fingerprint lock for enhanced privacy.
  • Safe Browsing: It includes a file browsing feature that alerts users about potentially harmful files and helps in keeping the device secure.

Media Player:

Built-in Media Player: Files by Google includes a basic media player that allows users to preview and play media files without requiring a separate app.

Cloud Storage Integration:

Integration with Google Drive and other Cloud Services: Users can seamlessly access their cloud storage accounts within the app, facilitating file management across multiple platforms.

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User Interface and Experience:

Files by Google boasts a clean and intuitive user interface. The app is designed to be lightweight, ensuring smooth performance even on devices with limited resources. Its simplicity and ease of use have contributed to its popularity among Android users seeking efficient file management solutions.

Reception and Popularity:

The app has received positive feedback from users and reviewers alike for its simplicity, effectiveness in managing storage, and useful features. It has garnered millions of downloads on the Google Play Store, making it one of the top choices for file management on Android devices.

Future Development:

Google continues to update and improve the app by introducing new features and enhancements, aiming to provide users with an even more streamlined file management experience.


As of my last update, this overview covers the primary functionalities and features of the Files by Google app. For the most current and detailed information, I recommend checking the app’s official documentation or the Google Play Store for any recent updates or changes.

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