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Picsart Guide 1

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Editing photos inside frames using the PicsArt app is a creative and customizable process that allows users to craft visually engaging compositions. Within PicsArt, users can easily access a diverse collection of frames spanning various themes, styles, and designs. By selecting a frame, users can overlay it onto their chosen image and adjust its size, position, and orientation to encapsulate the photo creatively.

Once the frame is positioned, users can insert their image within it, utilizing the layers feature to ensure precise placement. The app offers tools like the Eraser or Cutout tool to refine the image, ensuring it fits seamlessly within the frame’s boundaries. Additionally, PicsArt provides a suite of editing tools enabling users to adjust colors, contrast, and apply various filters to harmonize the image with the frame’s style.

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Steps to follow

Step 1: Select Your Image and Frame

Open PicsArt and choose the image you want to edit. Then, select a suitable frame from the app’s collection or create your own frame using the app’s tools.

Step 2: Add Your Image to the Frame

Once you’ve chosen a frame, place your image on a new layer above the frame layer. You can do this by tapping on the “+” icon, selecting “Add Photo,” and choosing your image. Adjust the size and position of your image to fit within the frame.

Step 3: Erase or Mask Excess Parts

Use the Eraser tool or masking options to remove any parts of your image that extend beyond the frame. This step ensures that your photo fits perfectly inside the frame without any overlapping or unwanted elements.

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Step 4: Adjust and Enhance

Apply any necessary adjustments to your image, such as adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, or applying filters to match the frame’s style or theme. You can also add text, stickers, or additional effects to further enhance your edited photo.

Step 5: Final Touches and Export

Review your edited photo, make any final adjustments, and ensure that everything looks cohesive. Once satisfied, save your edited image to your device or share it directly to your preferred social media platforms.

Download Frame

This basic guide covers the essential steps for editing a photo inside a frame using PicsArt. Remember, PicsArt offers various tools and options, so feel free to explore and experiment to achieve your desired result!

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